It’s important that any changes to your Operator’s Licence are passed on to the Office of The Traffic Commissioner. You need to inform the Traffic Commissioner in writing within 28 days regarding any changes that may affect your Operator’s Licence. Not notifying the Traffic Commissioner can result in your licence being terminated and having to attend a public inquiry.

Traffic Commissioners are responsible for licensing and regulating operators of HGV’s, PSV’s and local bus services. They grant and take action against drivers. Traffic Commissioners call for formal public inquiries in a court to get more evidence to help them decide if they should be granted or refused a licence. They also take action against vehicle operators, bus service operators, and drivers.

What are some of the notifiable Operator Licence changes?

Below are notifiable changes that you need to inform the Traffic Commissioner of:

  • Change of Directors
  • Change of correspondence address
  • Changes in the ownership of the business
  • Maintenance and safety inspection arrangements
  • Convictions, prohibitions (e.g. PG9)

The qualified, experienced team of specialists here at TAC can help with your application to make changes to your Operator’s Licence as well as the initial O Licence application process.

Such changes could include the following:

  • Increasing the number of vehicles on your licence
  • Additional operating centres
  • Change of operating centre
  • Change of licence type (Restricted, Standard, International)
  • Change of Transport Manager

Why is it important to get help when making changes to your Operator’s Licence?

It is vitally important that you seek professional advice regarding O Licence variations, as failure to inform the Office of The Traffic Commissioner of any changes could result in your company being requested to attend an interview or public inquiry.

We specialise in transport legislation and Operator Licence compliancy, so get in touch with our experts and discuss your requirements with us today!

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