Our knowledgeable team provide company policies as one of our many services. Here at TAC we provide a full range of services that include analysing tachograph data, carrying out compliance audits and guiding you through your Operator’s Licence application.

We have a main focus on providing our clients the highest standard of work. We will communicate with you on the key parts you want added and we will add the standard terms that every company follows. We will make sure that they are clear, well-written policies that will be regularly reviewed by us.

What we do for Company Policies

We will develop clear written policies and procedures that are documented, updated, and followed by an organization to assist in the day-to-day decision-making processes. Policies and procedures need to be adaptable to the needs of the company and enforced across the organization in support of your business.

Policies and procedures can also serve as an internal control method so staff cannot take free licence to make creative or unauthorised decisions potentially putting your business at unknown risk.

TAC is able to provide your business with an array of supporting documentation with continuing support which includes:

• Complaints Procedure

• Disciplinary Policy

• Health and Safety Policy

• Data Protection Policy

• Induction & Probationary Reviews

• Business Continuity Plan

• Diversity Policy

• Equal Opportunities Policy

• Computer Misuse Policy

• Driver Employment Contracts

These are some of the categories that will be enforced in the company policy that we would construct for you. These are the key sections that will be followed by the employees to increase the work efficiency around the place.

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Company Policies

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