The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an industry-led accreditation scheme, recognising fleet operations which comply with the requirements set out in the FORS standard (version 5).

The FORS standard is based upon lawfulness, safety, efficiency and environmental protection. There are three levels of FORS accreditation which reward excellence: bronze, silver and gold. FORS provides you with the information and tools you need to follow best practice.

Regardless of whether your fleet is made up of vans or lorries, as a FORS accredited company you can take advantage of exclusive benefits that will help your business through improved competitive advantage.

Become FORS accredited with support from the experienced team here at TAC

TAC can review your systems in line with the requirements of FORS. Should your systems and policies not meet FORS exacting standards, TAC can support you to prepare all the necessary information, systems and policies required. TAC can also support you to maintain the standard following your accreditation.

It is highly recommended that you properly prepare prior to the review, as you will need to demonstrate that your systems, procedures and documentation are up to the required standards. There are many benefits to passing your audit including:

  • Contribute to higher transport industry standards
  • Your team will be safer
  • The fleet becomes more fuel efficient
  • It offers customers peace of mind
  • You have proof that you take safety and compliance seriously
  • Accident reduction
  • Recognition of high standards
  • Stand out from competitors
  • More new and continued contracts
  • Brings credibility to your business

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NB. Being FORS compliant does not necessarily mean that you are compliant with the undertakings of your Operator Licence

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