“A professionally competent person (generally known as the ‘Transport Manager’) must be nominated on a standard licence (National or International). This person can be you if you are qualified, or a qualified transport manager that you employ (the person does not have to be part of your full-time staff but must be able to demonstrate continuous and effective responsibility for the management of the transport operations). The business may employ more than one transport manager. The professionally competent person must also be of good repute. If the transport manager is changed at any time, you must notify a traffic commissioner of this right away.”

– Good Vehicle Operator Licensing Guide for Operators, GV74. Revised Dec 2011.

Persons will be considered ‘professionally competent’ by passing the examination for the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) for Transport Managers (Road Haulage) accredited by an approved awarding organisation.

What is the importance of Management CPC?

As an operator, you must ensure that an appointed Transport Manager is fully qualified and up-to-date with their training. Similarly, if you have involvement with or responsibility for the management of the transport operations, passing this course will give you the knowledge to enable you to ensure compliance with the Operator Licence undertakings, in a continuous and effective manner.

Our sister company, Sigma Studies Ltd has been delivering the OCR-accredited Management CPC in Road Haulage course for many years, at its approved training centre in Essex. The course is offered, either as an intensive two-week, classroom-based course, or alternatively, as a home study course, with the opportunity to access the workshop and exam days at Sigma’s training venue.

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