Our team of specialists is proud to offer the opportunity for clients to train with us for their Manager’s CPC Course. Here at TAC we have 25 years of experience providing clients with the best training available in the industry, offering a full range of services including analysing tachograph data, carrying out compliance audits and guiding you through your Operator’s Licence application. Our aim is to ensure that all services are delivered by highly skilled transport Operator Licence and consultancy experts. Our courses are run in association with Sigma Studies, one of our sister companies; they are the market leaders of transport training and cover all aspects of transport training.

What is Management CPC training?

This MCPC qualification is a legal requirement of the Operator Licensing system for standard national and standard international licences. The qualification itself shows that you are able to complete your duties safely and use your skills and experience to complete tasks in an efficient way.

Our Manager CPC training course requirements

As a business, you must ensure that an appointed Transport Manager is fully qualified and up-to-date with their training. Similarly, if you are a manager in charge of operations, this course will ensure you can complete your duties in a safe and efficient manner, strengthening your skills and making you more employable. Applicants for a Standard Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence must show that they are ‘professionally competent’ or that they employ a Transport Manager who meets the requirements. Persons will be considered ‘professionally competent’ by passing the examination for the Management Certificate of Professional Competence (MCPC) conducted by OCR Examinations on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT).

What are the advantages of gaining MCPC qualification?

There are many benefits that come with completing Manager CPC training, including:

  • Compliancy with your Operator’s Licence undertakings
  • An increase in safety at work
  • A reduction in staff turnover
  • A reduction in insurance costs
  • An increase in profit
  • A boost of business prospects
  • Enhanced new skills

Transport Manager CPC refresher course

Our two-day Transport Manager CPC Refresher course gives transport managers in-depth information and the latest legislations relating to the Manager’s CPC qualification. The course includes a comprehensive overview of the Operator’s Licence obligations and undertakings. It is important that you undertake a CPC refresher course as the rules and regulations are forever changing; this means that you could be doing something wrong without even realising. A person that passes their CPC training must complete a set of training every 5 years, this is to ensure they are up-to-date with the law.

Why choose TAC for your Management CPC refresher training?

TAC has been providing clients with transport manager qualification training for over 25 years. We have given many managers in the past the perfect training for them to pass their Refresher course. To pass Manager CPC you must undertake many modules; the examinations take place four times a year in March, June, September and December.

Without a national/international Operating Licence you will not be able to operate vehicles for profit. Other benefits of training are that it will increase your safety whilst working, reducing your insurance costs, and enhancing your vehicle skills. As a manager of a transportation company, you must have the correct Operator Licensing systems for standard national and international licences, to make sure that your team is operating safely and working in an efficient manner.

The qualification itself will show others that you are capable of operating vehicles in a safe manner. During the 2-day course we will provide you with the notes and knowledge of everything that has changed.

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