Here at TAC we are providing clients with the opportunity to take an OLAC course. This course will give you an essential overview of Operator’s Licence undertakings and transport compliance knowledge. We have over 25 years of industry experience providing clients with a range of services that are ideal for those looking to increase their knowledge and obtain licences. An Operator’s Licence is the legal authority that is required by drivers who are driving goods vehicles and the Traffic Commissioner that issues these licences regulates the commercial road transport industry.

Why take an OLAC course?

Every authorised goods vehicle operator must regularly refresh their knowledge; it is essential that you ensure you are fully up to date with any changes to the legislations, to make sure that you are compliant to the requirements. Attending this course will provide you with 7 hours towards your Driver CPC Licence. This course is designed to support and guide personnel who are responsible for the ongoing compliance and undertakings given to the Traffic Commissioners when applying for a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence. This will show that you are capable of maintaining your own vehicle checks, driver hours, working times, driver licencing, safe loading and maintenance.

If you are caught failing these tasks it is a criminal offence and the operator will be called for a public inquiry where Operator Licences can be suspended and revoked. The training will take place over the course of one day and will be tailored around your needs.

Discuss your OLAC Course requirements with the experts here at TAC

Our consultants are chartered members of the institute of Logistics and transport with experience of managing transport operations. With our skills in delivering high class courses for vehicle licences, we will make sure you are trained by experienced transport Operator Licence professionals.

OLAC Course

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