TAC provide clients with many different services for OLAC Licences including OLAC (Operator’s Licence Awareness Course). These services are needed for carrying goods inside a lorry, van or other vehicle that is either 3,500 kilograms or 1,525 kg (when it is not carrying any passengers, goods or other items); it is a legal authority required by drivers who drive these vehicles. The Traffic Commissioner that issues Operator Licences regulates the commercial road transport industry and if you are caught breaking one of the laws you will lose your licence, receive a fine up to £5000 and get your vehicle impounded.

We have been providing OLAC (Operator’s Licence Awareness Course) services for over 25 years

We provide clients with a range of services that are ideal for individuals or companies looking to increase their licences.

There are three different types of Operator Licences

  • Restricted licence – for the carriage of goods on your own account, within Great Britain and abroad.
  • Standard licence – this allows the carriage of goods for hire or reward in Great Britain (and also permits own account movements in GB and abroad)
  • Standard international licence – enables the carriage of goods for hire or reward (and on own account) within Great Britain and abroad

Why is it important to keep up to date with OLAC?

If you drive an authorised goods vehicle it is important to ensure you are fully up to date with any changes to the legislation. If you are to take an OLAC course you will receive 7 hours toward a Driver CPC licence. Our course is designed to guide you and provide advice to clients. An OLAC course with TAC will take a day and you will learn about maintaining your own vehicle, driver hours and safe loading. Our team of experts will tailor the service around you so that you learn in the best way possible.

May 2019
Friday 10th May Operator Licence Awareness Course
June 2019
Friday 28th June Operator Licence Awareness Course
August 2019
Monday 12th August Operator Licence Awareness Course
October 2019
Tuesday 1st October Operator Licence Awareness Course
October 2019
Monday 21st October Operator Licence Awareness Course
November 2019
Monday 21st November Operator Licence Awareness Course
December 2019
Monday 16th December Operator Licence Awareness Course
OLAC (Operator’s License Awareness Course)

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