TAC can help with any proposed Operator Licence variations or changes such as:

  • Changes to the number of vehicles and/or trailers
  • New or additional operating centres
  • Change of licence type (Restricted, standard National, Standard International)
  • Change of transport manager


If you are considering changing your trading entity (ie. from sole trader to a partnership, or from sole trader or partnership to a limited company) it is absolutely vital that you are aware of the implications this will have on your operator’s licence, as it is extremely commonplace for costly errors to be made. Many Public Inquiry hearings before the Traffic Commissioner result from this issue. To avoid unlawful operation, an Operator’s Licence in the new proposed trading entity MUST be obtained BEFORE the change in entity takes place.


You are required to notify the Traffic Commissioner in writing regarding ANY changes that may affect your Operator’s Licence.

Notifiable changes

(Including but not limited to)

  • Change in address or establishment
  • Changes in the ownership of the business
  • Change of Director
  • Maintenance and safety inspection arrangements
  • Convictions, prohibitions (e.g. PG9)
  • Change in the financial status of the licence holder (e.g. if placed in liquidation or receivership)
  • Loss of good repute

TAC has 25 years of experience helping clients with Operator Licence variations

We have the skills and knowledge required to offer clients assistance with new applications as well as offering consultancy & admin services. Our team will inform you of the variations and provide support when notifying the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. It is wise to seek advice from trained professionals such as ourselves since we offer help to those applying for or amending their current licence.

If you are unsure whether you need to notify the Traffic Commissioner of any changes you may be making, please give our experienced team a call.

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